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Workshop Facilitation

I believe in the power of social change through education
both individually and collectively,
 disrupt systems of harm and re-align our society
towards the well being and vitality of all. 

With a background of over 15 years in education and social change initiatives,
formal training through a
 B.Ed (Bachelor of Education)
and a MSW (Masters of Social Work) 
work in various social work and education roles and agencies 
along with dedicated life-long personal and professional development
I thrive in provided facilitation along side my clinical therapeutic practice.

Contact me for a free preliminary assessment

For Trauma Informed Care Workshops


I can help your organization build capacity 

  • in providing care that is trauma informed

  • enhancing skills in providers

  • and strengthening client-provider rapport and process

I can provide Trauma Informed Training

  • for health care professionals

  • students 

  • employees

For Workshops on Relational Capacity Building in:

  • Boundaries

  • Self - Esteem

  • Impact of Trauma 

  • Nervous System understanding and regulation

  • Grounding tools and techniques

  • Healthy Communication 

  • and more!



Previous and Upcoming Workshops, Group Facilitation and Consultation services:


February 2023:

 The Barbra Schlifer Clinic's Winter 2023 Groups



















December 2021:

Employee capacity building training for administrative front desk staff on providing trauma informed, client centred, diversity inclusive care at a Midwifery Practice.

November 2021:

Trauma informed panel presentation for University of Calgary Canadian Alliance of Medical Students Against Human Trafficking (CAMSAHT).


Spring 2021:

Provided Trauma Informed, Active Listening services for gender-based violence prevention workshops at aftermetoo.

March 2021:

Trauma informed care presentation for University of Toronto Trauma Informed Care Workshops Conference 2021 for U of T medical and nursing students.

Fall 2020:

3rd Party Consultation services for Vesta Social Innovation Technologies whose mission it is to eliminate rape culture.

September 2020:
Trauma informed care workshop for podcast hosts providing kink and sex education content.  


May 2020:

Trauma Informed Care for Registered Massage Therapists
Co-facilitation of day long workshop through Sutherland Chan Continuing Education Program

*postponed due to Covid-19

March 2020:

Trauma Informed Care for Settlement Workers and Managers
*postponed due to Covid-19

January 2020:

Trauma Informed Care Workshop for nursing and medical students. Organized by a group of dedicated University of Toronto students for theTrauma-Informed Care for Health Care Providers Conference. 

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