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Workshop Facilitation

I believe in the power of social change through education
both individually and collectively,
 disrupt systems of harm and re-align our society towards

the well being and vitality of all. 

I thrive in providing facilitation alongside my clinical practice.

With over 20 years in education and social change initiatives,
formal training in a B.Ed and MSW,
and a commitment to lifelong personal and professional growth,
building my own practice where I can provide both has been enriching for me.

Currently, I'm focusing on providing workshops and groups on 
Trauma Informed Care and Relational Capacity Building content.

Contact me if you'd like to talk about your facilitation needs and what I offer.

For Trauma Informed Care Workshops


I can help your organization or group build capacity 

  • in providing care that is trauma informed

  • enhancing skills in providers to provide the care they aim to

  • and strengthening client-provider rapport and process

Relational Capacity Building Workshops on:

  • Boundaries

  • Self - Esteem

  • Impact of Trauma 

  • Nervous System understanding and impact

  • Grounding tools and techniques

  • Communication 

  • Understanding power and abusive dynamics

  • and more!

Contact me for additional ideas you may have on how we could work together!

Previous Workshops, Groups and Consultation Services:

  • Employee training for administrative front desk staff on providing trauma informed, client centred, diversity inclusive care at a Midwifery Practice.


  • Trauma Informed, Active Listening services for gender-based violence prevention workshops at aftermetoo.


Trauma informed care workshops for:

  • Podcast hosts providing kink and sex education content

  • Panel presentation for University of Calgary
    Canadian Alliance of Medical Students Against Human Trafficking (CAMSAHT).


  • Settlement Workers and Managers

  • Nursing and Medical Students at the 
    University of Toronto's Trauma-Informed Care for Health Care Providers Conference  2020 and 2021

  • Registered Massage Therapists 
    through Sutherland Chan's Continuing Education Program

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