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Do you feel overwhelmed, stressed, anxious? Find it hard to get through regular elements of your day or face challenges with shifts and transitions in your life? 

Are you wanting relief, insight, clarity? Are you wondering what it would be like to start counselling, or are feeling ready to spend some time working with yourself with the help of trained professional?

As a therapist, I am committed to building a relationship that supports your unique needs, develops your strengths and fosters your innate ability to heal and thrive. 

I offer a free 30 min phone consultation.
I ask questions that help us determine what you're wanting and needing from therapy and we can talk about what our work could look like.

Often, we aren’t afforded the time...

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About Me


Born in India, I grew up in Nova Scotia, and now call Toronto home.


I was raised in a family that paid attention to power and privilege and the effects of it on people's ability to survive and thrive.

My path of becoming a therapist was a windy road of figuring out where my skills and passion best meet empowerment, social justice and change.


I've consistently sought to learn about systems of power and privilege, inequity and inequality, in large global scale contexts and in our everyday human interactions - and how all of these intersect and dance together in the complex and beautiful layers we experience.

I work hard to continuously  unlearn oppressive ways of being that we grow up internalizing and strive to engage therapeutically with integrity, ethics, wholehearted presence and with the utmost intelligence and skill.

Therapeutic Approach
Services and Fees


I work from a humanistic perspective of people being inherently good and trying their best while developing protective ways of navigating through life that may not serve them when they aim to thrive and not just survive. 

I welcome folks as you are, however you identify, orient and present. I am sex/kink positive, body positive, LGBTQQ2SI allied, open to working with people in relationships of varying romantic and intimate structures. I work from an anti-oppressive, feminist and systems perspective that informs how larger and smaller systems, ways of being, work together to shape our experiences.


I am trauma informed, use an Attachment Theory lens with EFT -Emotionally Focused Therapy, along with a parts work framework informed by IFS - Internal Family Systems and Structural Dissociation Theory. I am currently being trained in EMDR - Eye Movement Desensitizing Reprocessing therapy.

In sessions, we would work to understand the logic of your emotional parts, how your inner system is structured and functions. How do parts of you respond to what, when and why - externally and internally? How have these parts functioned to protect you thus far to survive and how have they limited your ability to thrive when conditions change and you are able to move out of survival mode?  


With an understanding of how context in smaller systems like family, partnerships and larger systems like patriarchy inform our experience, along with the impact of Capital 'T' and small 't' traumas, therapy models like parts work, EMDR can help people in their healing and becoming.


I am a trained therapist through my social work masters and am registered with the College of Social Workers.


New Appointments Welcome


  • Sessions for individuals are $140 per session

  • Hours are afternoons and evenings with occasional weekend appointments

  • I provide official receipts for your records and for submission to third party insurance policies that cover therapy by registered social workers

  • I offer a free 30 minute phone consultation prior to booking a first session

  • Available for workshop facilitation - topics ranging from understanding impacts of trauma to emotion based communication such as boundaries - please contact for more detail.

Location and Contact


Located a few bus stops north of Lansdowne subway station, West End, Toronto.


Contact me to set up a free phone consultation


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